Culinary Master Class

Here is general  information about master-classes in Turn Restaurant:

  • The number of participants of each master class –  8 people.
  • Duration of one lesson is 3 hours.
  • You can find a schedule of other master-classes on the main page of the site.
  • In order to book a place on the master-class, please call +1 54 255 525.

On each master-class participants are guided to cook by one of our professional chefs. The master classes we conduct are always well thought out and carefully planned. All the products, dishes, special working spaces and clothes are prepared in advance, so you do not need to think about it. Just come, bring some friends or family members with you and make sure you enjoy your time to the fullest!
Enough thinking, it’s time to improve your culinary skills. Come on! Our doors are open for you, and our chefs are ready to share their knowledge with you!
Popular cooking courses and master classes in Turn Restaurant:
Cooking School
Where: 295 Main Street Los Altos CA 94022
Who should obviously come: cooking lovers
Culinary school is for those who love to cook, especially to cook delicious dishes! The course will suit both experienced chefs and beginners.
Interesting information about cooking school:
Each participant is provided with a small recipe book, so nobody forgets something important after the master-class. If you need a little break, there is coffee provided for everyone. If you do not have time for a master-class, then you can buy a notebook with recipes.
There are several options for participating in the course: in a group or individually. Also on the site, you can leave an application for participation in a master class with foreign chefs.
Children cooking school «Milk & Cheese»
Where: 295 Main Street Los Altos CA 94022
Who should obviously come: children from 4 to 12 years
Children are our future. Little geniuses whose potential must be unitedly disclosed. Does your child like to spend time in a kitchen? If yes, this course is exactly for him. Children learn how to cook in an interactive form and constantly evolving their skills in our cooking school.
Interesting information about children cooking school:
The course is aimed at developing logical thinking, fine motor skills and fantasy. Children decorate their dishes and make real masterpieces!
One lesson lasts 3 hours, and children have a small break for tea and cookies. In the schedule, you can choose as a separate master class and a subscription of 5 lessons per month or 10 lessons (a full course). Choosing more than one lesson, children get a brand apron as a gift to feel themselves a real cook.
Sushi Master Class
Where:  295 Main Street Los Altos CA 94022
Who should obviously come:  Japanese food lovers
Do you know the difference between sushi and rolls? Do you like going to a Japanese restaurant or ordering sets at home? Then it’s time to learn how to cook them by yourself! But first, visit the right master class, which gives a maximum of knowledge on their preparation. Our professional chefs know a lot about seafood and Japanese cuisine.
Interesting information about sushi master class:
Before starting a master class, our chefs tell stories about the origin of rolls and sushi. A small historical digression helps to tune in the right way. We will cook sushi, rolls and nigiri-sushi. And you can take all cooked sets with you.
The cost of the master class depends on the number of participants and the filling of rolls. But you can choose products on your own. The price of using dishes and mats is included in the final price. One lesson lasts about 3 hours.

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