Cooking Master-class: Italian Cuisine

Description of the master-class

Every culinary master-class is a real small journey! So, this time we want to invite you to travel to incredible Italy with us. You will be acquainted with interesting traditions and cooking features of this country! The best chefs will share with you the secrets of cooking and will explain how to cook several delicious dishes. You will plunge into the color of Italy, learn the true taste of Italian food. You can’t confuse it with anything – it’s so bright and expressive!

And it’s not about the ingredients and skillful hands of the chief, although this is also important. The matter is in the special attitude of the Italians to the culture of cooking and eating. They know a lot about fresh, high-quality products and in a harmonious combination of savors. They appreciate the bright flavor and know how to simply cook a dish and to serve it properly.

Here is some information about master-class:

Number of participants – 8
Duration – 3 hours
You can find a schedule of other master-classes on the main page of the site
The service is available by appointment. In order to book a place in the master-class, please call +1 54 255 525

At the beginning of the master-class, guests will meet the chief who will tell them about the menu. You will be able to ask any questions about the dishes, a process of cooking and ingredients. Everything you need will be ready in advance: products, workplace, tableware. For three hours every participant will be able to cook up to four dishes with the help of experienced cooks.

At the master-classes of Italian cuisine can also find some new friends, to take photos to share something in Instagram and receive a lot of positive impressions, bright emotions, practical skills and, of course, amazing memories.
Food can just be a meal or it can be the real art. You can master this art on our master-class with the great chief. Our culinary master-class is for true gourmets. The menu of this dinner won’t leave you indifferent and the recipes of these dishes will certainly be included in the list of your favorites!

Dishes that you will cook on the master-class:

Green ravioli with salmon, ricotta cheese and grana padano

Ravioli is an idolized by all Italians dish. One of the main reason of the popularity of it is a huge variety of fillings, but favorite is ricotta cheese. This dish is so “often cooked” than an essential attribute on the kitchen of each hostess in Italy is a ravioli machine.

Home-made Carbonara paste with quail eggs

Carbonara paste is served in almost every restaurant which includes Italian cuisine. A delicate taste of cream and Parmesan sauce doesn’t leave indifferent those who try this dish.

Caprese with pesto sauce

This is one of the most famous dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. It’s an easy, tasty and beautiful snack which can decorate a family dinner and a festival feast. Since the dish is made in the colors of the Italian flag – red, white and green – Italians consider this salad to be their national dish.

Tiramisu with quail eggs

Tiramisu is a beautiful delicate dessert that satisfies the most refined taste preferences of true gourmets. Soft biscuit with the original coffee treatment is successfully supplemented with a cream cheese cream. Delicacy is able to attract attention by its mysterious appearance and a person tasted it will always be a fan of the unique taste of this dessert.

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