Cooking Master-class: French Cuisine

Keeping its best traditions from medieval times, French traditional cuisine remains one of the most sophisticated and no less popular in the world. It has also influenced many other western cuisines. Since then cooking and eating has become not just a vital habit, but a whole new kind of art, with its own rules and customs. Even though lately eastern food restaurants are highly demanded, it is always nice to go back to the good old French classics.

A traditional French meal usually consists of a little appetizer, followed by a soup, main course, salad and some cheese. You will be guided to cook all of it by one of our professional chefs. The master classes we conduct are always well thought out and carefully planned. Every time we make sure that you have everything necessary for the course. All the products, spices, dishes, special working spaces and clothes – we have thought about it for you. So you do not have to worry about anything! Just come, bring some friends or family members with you and make sure you enjoy your time to the fullest!

The master class will last for up to 3 hours, during which 4 full meals will be cooked. After you meet&greet the chef and look through the menu with brief instructions, you will be able to watch him cook those meals step by step and try to cook them yourself under his supervision. We will also teach you to decorate and serve them like a true professional.

Do not hesitate to ask all your questions! If you manage to understand every little detail, you will then be able to make it at home all by yourself. Such meals will be a hit at your next party! This master class is designed for 8 persons, so it would be a good idea for a go-out with your colleagues, small celebration of an anniversary or even a birthday party. It is appropriate for both professionals and amateurs. The first ones will have a chance to understand the specifics of cooking certain French meals, while the second ones should be able to catch the basics. The most important is your desire to learn and try your best.

For more details please refer to our main page where you will also find a list of our other master classes along with their schedules.
Pre-registration for any of them is required. To make your reservation, please call us on +1 54 255 525.

The four meals you will learn to cook during our French cuisine master class include a salad, a meat main course, a soup, and dessert.

Salmon, avocado and concasse salad
French traditions give special attention to seafood and especially to fish. That is why for the starter we chose a meal that includes ray-finned fish salmon. The salad also includes avocado and concasse which is tomatoes cleared and cut into small pieces. It is particularly easy to cook and takes only around 20 minutes.

Cordon bleu with Dorblu sauce
The main course consists of traditional for the French cuisine cheese wrapped in 2 different kinds of meat. It gets fried and covered in Dorblu sauce which also includes another kind of cheese, lemon juice, and greens. Melted cheese, well-done meat and mild creamy sauce make a perfect combination.
Onion soup baked with croutons
A traditional French soup that takes a bit longer to cook but is definitely worth it. Firstly, you make a cream soup and slightly fry croutons at the same time. Then you add the croutons to the soup, sprinkle with grated cheese and bake it all together for a few minutes. It includes many spices and white wine which make the taste absolutely unique.

Crepe Suzette Flamb
Desserts are an essential part of the French cuisine. There are thousands of different kinds of them but what is more important – the French know how to turn a simple meal into a masterpiece. These crepes are covered with orange sauce and then poured with liquor which makes cooking them a spectacular sight to see.

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