About Us


Turn restaurant – what’s it like?

Turn restaurant is the restaurant for real men.

What distinguishes it from all other restaurants?

First, our beautiful waitresses who please the eye and hearing. Secondly, delicious food and drinks. Thirdly, entertainment for real men – a sport. Turn restaurant – the first famous American restaurant in Los Altos, located in the heart of the city and ready to offer you all of the above.

What you should obviously try in our restaurant:

There is a stereotype that American cuisine is only hamburgers and French fries. We will prove you that this is not the case. Restaurant for real men will show what is real American cuisine. In our menu, there is a huge selection of salads, sandwiches, burgers, seafood, snacks, desserts. And what else does a real man need? Of course meat! Try our wings, and you will surely become their devoted fan.


As it turned out, the secret of the ideal barbecue is in a special smoker-oven, where the meat infuses with spices for fifteen hours, becoming juicy and tender.

We are proud of our barbecue meat, cooked in a tartan: pork ribs, chicken wings, chicken, duck, trout. Particular attention deserves a brown-marble beef brisket, which is baked for fourteen hours.

For cooking branded burgers we use three types of beef tenderloin, and there is also a burger with a duck. We bake buns for burgers ourselves. Aioli and cheddar sauce are prepared according to our special technology. There are corn and tomato soups, lemon cheesecake and blueberry-apple crumble on the menu.

From 10:00 to 16:00 the restaurant serves brunches: Benedict eggs, shakshuka and sandwiches.


We have a great range of whiskey and bourbon, such as Japanese whiskey “Nikka” and American bourbon H.H.D. Mellow Corn.

In the cocktail card, you can find old-school drinks like Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Negroni, Whiskey Sour. There is also craft beer. Our non-alcoholic cocktails cream-soda, milkshake, lemonades deserve particular attention.

It should be noted that these cocktails are not so popular right now. But we try to trample the path of bar culture such way.

What you should obviously see in our restaurant:

Turn restaurant is sure that regardless of age and status, every man is a real sportsman or a gambler! That’s why we are monitoring what is happening in the sports world. We will provide you with all fresh information in the field of football or hockey matches, Formula 1, beach volleyball or any other sport. Our restaurant will show you everything at once – at your request, we will show you any broadcast on our TV-plasma screen.

Turn restaurant waitresses

Turn restaurant waitresses are cute girls dressed in cheerleaders style and carrying our idea to the world. They are always friendly and cheerful. Thanks to them, everyone will feel welcome in the Turn restaurant. Our restaurant in the American style will meet you with true hospitality!


The team of Circle Line and the artist Alexander Bragensky designed our restaurant.

There are 76 seats. The interior of Turn restaurant is designed in the loft style: a lot of wood, concrete and metal elements. Each trifle is thought over: roof windows are equipped with automatic roller blinds that control the level of lighting in the restaurant. Tables are equipped with wooden chairs with soft seats and leather sofas with a high backrest terracotta. Comfortable soft chairs are located at the bar.

Simplicity and convenience, functionality and democratization of the restaurant, combined lighting and details create the appropriate atmosphere for a classic American restaurant. Particular attention deserves pictures in the style of one-story America Edward Hopper.